Hi I'm Naima,
Digital Account Manager

As Webnetism's Digital Account Manager I help clients navigate through the world of digital and make sure that projects are running smoothly.

Role in Webnetism

At Webnetism I help clients navigate through the ever confusing, and sometimes stressful, world of digital. I am the go-to person for queries, support and anything projects related.

Specialty and Experience

With over 8 years of client servicing, marketing and project management under my belt I like to say that I'm a 'jack of all trades'. I've worked at various agencies and in-house marketing teams with a wide variety of clients. I love learning about clients pain points and aspirations to help them meet their goals with the use of new and exciting digital tools.

What I like to get up to in my spare time

I live in the Forest of Dean so, when it's not blowing a gail, I love nothing more than exploring the forest with my family. I'm an avid boxset and movie watcher and love a cheeky strawberry daiquiri or two when out with the girls.

Recent Blogs by Naima

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