Movember Update #3

Yay! We’re now past the half-way point!

Yay! We’re now at the half-way point!

We knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but nobody could have predicted just how hard a challenge it was going to be…

For example, who could have known that the additional weight added to Simon’s previously perfectly (but precariously) balanced head would cause him to crash his bicycle in such a spectacular (albeit very manly) fashion? Nobody, that’s who :) 

But, for most of us we’ve gone through that pain barrier and can look forward to grooming our majestic man-brows for the rest of the month... :)

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We’ve raised £419. The top furry-fund-raiser this week is Tim Jay with £81.

We’ve also joined the “UK Technology Challenge” network – Help us kick some geek ass! (Currently we’re the 11th best team)



  • Moustache hair grows faster than any other body hair. Unfortunately, it does sprout more in Spring and Summer than in the Autumn and Winter months.
  • Shaving uses up a total of 5 months of a man’s life if he starts at the age of 14 (although it was 5 for Dan and 27-ish for Jamie).



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