How to set your Auto-Reply using the webmail interface

Its easy to set up an auto responder using the webmail interface...

Please use the PDF document to follow some simple instructions on setting up your auto responder (out of office assistant) for your email account.

 How to set your Auto-Reply using the webmail interface


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  1. Chris

    Thanks Dan, a great piece and just the confirmation I was looking for to explain why IE is making some of my favourite and/or 'essential' websites fail to function properly! ...sure you could argue the site's developers didn't do their research, or failed to update when new issues became apparent, or simply failed to provide adequate consideration and fall-back support for non-JS environments ...but hey, it's easier to blame Microsoft, right? I mean, we're all used to it! FYI I'm not being sarcastically on MS's side here, I'M SERIOUS!!! :D

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