An example of “time-limited” ecommerce

The Auctionair ecommerce system also powers a number of “white-label” websites for other clients such as The Sunday Times and the London Evening Standard. The system now offers “time-limited” ecommerce!

Auctionair “Secret Sales” - an example of “time-limited” ecommerce – (and a time-limited website development schedule)!

About the client

Auctionair are renowned for their High and Low bid auctions offering high-end quality products and designer brands at amazing value. By negotiating direct with the suppliers they are able to offer luxury products and holidays at fantastically discounted prices.

The Auctionair system, designed & Webnetism also powers a number of “white-label” websites for other clients such as The Sunday Times and the London Evening Standard.

What they wanted

The plan was to add a new “Secret Sales” section to their websites to allow registered members to buy products immediately and not part of an auction.

Each item would be available on a time-limited basis, e.g. just a few days or even hours.

What we did

Given a very clear vision of what the client needed, Webnetism were able to deliver exactly what they wanted in just four weeks! This allowed them to hit that crucial Christmas market.

We used elements of our ecommerce system to feature products on their website for only a specified amount of time. Real-time stock level monitoring was implemented as some items were also on a strictly first-come first-served basis! You snooze, you lose….

The existing SagePay and PayPal integration then allowed members to pay for their purchases straight away.

Auctionair can also specify which products are available on which white-label websites, and using the configuration options of Webnetism’s CMS42 content management product they can not only choose how the “Secret Sales” section looks on each website, but also what it’s called!

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Nige Carter

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