New website for TRL Technology

L-3 TRL Technology launched a new CMS website.

The Cheltenham web design team at Webnetism have launched this new CMS website for TRL Technology.

L-3 TRL protects people worldwide from current and ever-evolving threats through market leading defence solutions. Their products and services play a crucial role in security, protection and defence worldwide. Their new website was designed by our team in Cheltenham and developed to a very strict time schedule. The new clean and functional website design replaces an older dated site that was failing to meet the needs of the business.

The new CMS system allows for full control of the home page banners, news, events and all content within the pages. Automated 301 redirects will ensure old indexed links still guide users and search engines to the correct content. The automated sitemap.xml file will aid Google in indexing the site while the very search optimised CMS system provides full control over Meta data and friendly URLs.

TRL technology website design

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