Responsive Web Design

What is a responsive website?

Responsive web design means that the website resizes itself, depending on the device being used. For instance, if a mobile phone is being used, a responsive web design will adapt to the size of the screen. A responsive website will adapt to any screen size and will therefore be easy to navigate and use on tablets and mobile phones.

At Webnetism, we build all new websites using responsive design as standard, but if you have an existing web presence and want to improve usability for mobile users, we know how to help you achieve it. Invariably, we'll make an assessment of your website and requirements at initial meeting stage and advise on the best method for you.

What are the benefits of responsive web design?

Over the years, mobile users have increased significantly. Therefore it’s important to consider undertaking a responsive website development. With a responsive website, this can result in the increased viewership from mobile users.

Enhanced user experience

A responsive website improves the user experience. A factor that can be used to measure the quality on a website is simply the time spent on the site. A website that is lacking in responsive design can lose potential clients as they will struggle with site navigation and for instance: constantly have to zoom to get a better view. However if your website resizes and responds to any screen size and has an easy navigation layout, user experience will be enhanced and it is more likely that the time spent on the website will increase, this will subsequently lower the bounce rate. A lower bounce rate is also a good indication that your website has all the relevant information a user needs.  A responsive website is also more likely to increase conversions, whether this is making a call, purchase or signing up to the newsletter. Having an improved user experience is beneficial for your website.

Faster website development

Making it right from the beginning will not only save cost, but also time. Back in 2014, it was common place to create a separate mobile version of a website. However, it takes longer to develop an additional mobile version of a website than it does to create a responsive website from scratch that will work on any device.

Easier maintenance

In the long run it will save time and resources that would be required to maintain two separate websites. With a responsive website, your employees can focus on more important work and spend less time on website maintenance.

No duplicate content penalty

Search engines are getting more advanced and can detect duplicate content easily. Having two versions of your website, means you have duplicated content. Even if you are using a mobile version of your website, the content is still the same even though the URL is different. This can result in a lower search engine ranking for both versions of the website, this is because search engines won’t know which content would be most relevant. Even if a canonical tag is used to point the mobile version to the website, this still results in mobile websites not being ranked on search engines.

A responsive website design will remove all the hassle and at Webnetism we can help your existing website become responsive.

No loss of Functionality: when building a separate mobile site it’s easy to hide, remove is simply not implement certain functionality, this might be because extra development time or not knowing how a user might utilise said functionality. with a responsive website this isn’t really a consideration, the website will typically be full featured regardless of the device being used and the responsive nature of the design handles the usability and accessibility of these features.

Better SEO

Search engine ranking can also benefit from a responsive website since Google takes the responsiveness into consideration and this will determine the ranking of the website on search engine results page (SERP). The website can suffer a lower ranking if it is not responsive, and will show a higher ranking if it passes the mobile-friendly test.

Why choose Webnetism for your Responsive Web Design?

At Webnetism we specialise in creating bespoke websites and also bespoke functions on mobile and tablets. We have a dedicated team of front and backend developers. This means we can concentrate on both the design and development concurrently. This gives us the advantage to deliver projects on time and on budget. Get in touch and we’ll make an assessment of your website and requirements at initial meeting stage and advise on the best method for you.

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