Iguana Branding


This one was a bit different for us. We’d worked with the marketing team at TRL Technology on a number of military and defence projects, but they were looking to launch a range of there hi-tech security devices into the commercial market, an area they were less familiar with.

The ‘Iguana’ name had already been decided upon, but a logo and branding were still needed, along with a set of sub-brands for the individual products.

A logo was devised representing an eye (with a reptilian appearance) to depict the ‘watching out for’ nature of this security related hardware. A suitable font was selected and modified to fit with the logo along with a suitable colour set.

Comprehensive brand guidelines were put together and we also got involved with designing the product and its packaging.

Iguana Brand Guidelines
Iguana Product Render
Iguana Brand Packaging Design
Iguana Brand Design
Iguana Brand Logo Design

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