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Fish4Dogs Regular Saver

Following the likes of Amazons subscription service, pet food company and long-time client, Fish4Dogs asked us to add a Regular Order option to their ecommerce website.

It goes without saying that cats and dogs eat regularly, and when fed a set amount each day it can be quite easy for an owner to work out how often they need to buy their pet food.

However that regularity isn’t the same for all, therefore a monthly subscription wasn’t an option. A flexible solution was devised allowing customers to set the frequency of their repeat order from every 7 to 9- days by using a sliding scale. A ‘skip’ option was put in place so deliveries can be stopped if on holiday and general management of the order, adding and removing products is all within the customers’ control.

On top of that, a discount scheme was put in place allowing Fish4dogs to offer a reduced prices for the first order, and further discounts for all subsequent ‘Regular Saver’ orders. All up and running in time for Crufts.

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Responsive website content for Fish4Dogs
Regualr Saver mobile website design
Fish4Dogs Puppy Food
Regular Saver

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