Shared Hosting Cheltenham

Reliable & cost effective hosting

So you have a website that we didn’t write, but you would still like us to host it – no problem at all. Our shared servers are all monitored by our team day and night; should anything go down or not perform to expectation then our technical support team get text notifications instantly. Our very high levels of service and support mean you can rest easy and let us take care of the technical side of things.

We try and provide cost effective solutions to meet your exacting requirement; contact us for a quote, but here is a rundown on what’s available “out of the box”.

email services

Email services

We provide domain name and email as a standalone service. You don’t need a website to have your own email address on your own snazzy domain name. Just give us a call and we can set it up for you in seconds as POP or iMap.

web hosting

HTML website with email services

We host quite a few smaller, simple websites. Included in this hosting package comes our standard email services listed above; we back up your website every night on a ten day cycle and can restore any element within minutes of you requesting it.  We don’t charge anything extra for more pages or more email addresses, but we may charge if your mailbox becomes too big – we mean huge!

WordPress hosting

WordPress or other PHP websites

We have several servers dedicated to hosting WordPress and PHP driven websites. Again, all websites and databases are backed up on a daily basis and stored for 10 days. All hosting comes with full email and domain name services and we provide our outstanding technical support to all hosted clients.

SQL hosting

Shared SQL server

Most of the solutions we deliver in house are based on Microsoft SQL Server and this is an area of hosting we specialise in. As the SQL licensing can be quite expensive, sharing the server infrastructure makes a lot of financial sense. We can host any size website or application for you and the price will depend on the bandwidth and server resources you utilise, so give us a call and we can discuss your exact requirements.