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It's like we were made for each other

Our enterprise ecommerce system is so easy to use and being a feature rich application it allows you full control over your ecommerce website.

All our enterprise solutions run the same core CMS and ecommerce engine. We then integrate this with bespoke responsive website designs to suit the exacting requirements of our clients. As an enterprise platform its goes without saying that you want to add unlimited categories and products to the system and any worthwhile ecommerce system should take hundreds of orders per hour. Ours does this and so much more.

Our ecommerce solutions can use a payment provider of your choice and the system can be integrated with an EPOS or order dispatch system of your choice. Below are some of the many available features, but to really get a feel for its power you need to see it; so call us for a no obligation demonstration.

Product database

Any ecommerce system should have a comprehensive product database. Add an unlimited number of products and allocate them to all the categories you want. Assign the attributes and SEO data and add a few images or videos and you are all set to go. Automate the process with a data feed from your EPOS system or use the file import section to update the website from an Excel file.

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Customers & orders

Our ecommerce product has a very comprehensive order fulfilment system built in. This is modified slightly for our enterprise customers to suit their internal systems and processes. The system allows you to search for orders and customers, allowing you to refine your searches by order status and date. Each order has a full set of details with time stamps and all the order and payment details. You can select the orders you want to manage and print picking lists and send dispatch emails, all with quick and simple clicks of the mouse. If this sounds like hard work, then the entire process can be automated.

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Telephone & email orders

The order fulfilment system is a dream to use. Usually used within a warehouse, the facility allows for picking lists, packing lists and order status updates.

When an order is first selected it is put in to “In progress”; this status then goes through a sequence we set out with you, usually ending with “Dispatched”. The dispatched status triggers an email to the customer telling them their order in on the way. This can be integrated with your delivery supplier so that tracking numbers can be sent via this email.

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Basket & checkout

Our checkout process is optimised to create an easy flow through to payment and a thank you page. This is followed up by a beautifully formatted thank you email which can include a PDF attachment of the invoice. Further follow up emails to request reviews can also be scheduled within the system. The checkout process is also responsive in design making it easy for visitors to buy from your website on mobile devices.

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Delivery zones

The ecommerce platform caters for various delivery options. The system is very flexible allowing you to set global regions with different VAT rates and delivery prices. Some of our clients like to setup delivery by weight. This is made possible by adding a weight to each product in the product database. The system also caters for delivery surcharges to specific regions or for specific products.

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EPOS integration

The enterprise ecommerce platform will integrate with any payment provider of your choice. The most common platforms we integrate with are: Sage Pay, Barclays EPDQ, Streamline, HSBC, PayPal and PayPoint. The different payment gateways provide various options and have specific pricing for their own services. With some we can use tokenisation to hold credit card details while others provide a more cost effective solution. The choice is yours, and we are here to provide advice.

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e-Commerce security

All our websites use an SSL where required. All ecommerce websites are hosted on secured servers and each website is assigned an IP address and its own SSL. Payment integrations use secure iframe solutions to ensure your PCI compliance is minimal.

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Marketing & promotions

The promotions module is one of the best tools for increasing revenue on your website. There are so many ways of using promotions and our experience with our clients over the years shows how this tool can be used in combination with social media to drive sales and build a loyal customer base. Setting up a promotion takes just a few minutes and you can choose any of the following from a dropdown list. You can assign the number of instances a promotion can be used. You can even tie a promotion to an individual client or a set date range.

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Custom functionality

By providing the core ecommerce functions and allowing for bespoke elements you will end up with a solution that works perfectly for you and matches your business processes. The small investment required to do this quickly pays off with a more streamlined solution tailored to your needs.

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