Telephone & Email Orders

Manual orders

The manual order entry system is a simplified version of the checkout process allowing telephone call centres to quickly take orders over the phone. This system makes very clever use of the payment gateway and maintains all your orders and CRM in one clean and concise system.

Telephone operators can search for an existing customer and instantly update their addresses and details. They can search and add products required to the order and go through a bespoke checkout system that by-passes 3D Secure. This enables your telephone operators to easily take payment without any complications in PCI compliance requirements.

Manual order features

  • Search for orders
  • Search for customers
  • Add customer to CRM
  • Add products required
  • Add promotion
  • Update delivery costs
  • Apply discounts
  • Take payment by card, cash, cheque or by BACS
  • Process order
  • Refund orders
  • Add queries to orders
  • Change status of orders