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Controlling your own content

CMS:42 is a an easy to use content management system (CMS), developed on the Microsoft .net platform. Our CMS has been designed to be very intuitive and easy to use, allowing our clients to manage every aspect of their website.

With CMS:42, you can add membership systems, blogs, image galleries, ecommerce integration and lots more. With the ecommerce version you can even include Amazon and eBay modules that integrate seamlessly with your respective online shops. Add your own pages and templates, and manage your product images and information with a host of site-wide controls and publish them instantly to your website!

Our bespoke content management system is used by many local, national and international companies, including The Dog's Doodahs, SafeChoice, Ultra Electronics and G4S.

CMS:42 was developed in our Cheltenham offices to be an extremely robust and sophisticated content management system. Some of our clients have asked us to create a scaled down version of the system, with an option to add modular features later on, making it practical and affordable. Still think it's out of your price range? Then why not have a free, no obligation quote - you may be surprised.

Always responsive to our customer's suggestions, we are now in the testing phase of an all new responsive CMS platform that controls multiple websites from the one back office system - directly from your smart phone! The multi-site CMS enables us to launch new websites within hours and gives you full control over all the content.

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CMS Pages

Pages are one of the fundamental features of any CMS allowing you to create and organise content on your website. The CMS makes it easy to create pages and structure them in any way required, producing both user and SEO friendly content. The URL for pages can be customised so it displays as well as possible for your users and for search engines. Pages can be grouped together in to categories enabling structured content as well as helping you maintain your site as a whole. Page changes are stored and old versions can be restored should you need access to historic content.

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Case studies

Our CMS is made up of several databases or modules, and the case studies or portfolio section is a must have for any CMS. This lets you add case studies and portfolio items to your website through the CMS. You can feature any of the case studies on any page, product or blog article on your website. Have a look at our portfolio section and see first-hand how this works.

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News & blogs

The news & blog module is a great way to keep your customers up to date with your recent activity. As well as keeping your customers informed, regular, relevant content is great for SEO and having a blog on your site is a great way to achieve this. Our news & blog module allows you to create and organise entries as formal or informal as you need or want to.

The blog module automatically controls the archiving of older items and displays the latest items on your home page. The system also allows readers of your posts to answer and engage in the conversation – all moderated in the CMS of course. Once created, you can feature a blog on any page of the website with a simple click of a button.

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Team profiles

Adding staff profiles to your website makes you look more personable and approachable. Our CMS allows you to upload images and information about all your staff. You can categorise them into teams and show their profiles on any page you like, using the simple feature system. This integrates perfectly into the blog system, showing which staff member created the blog, placing a small image and their name against each post. In turn this allows for each staff members blogs to be searched by the visitor.

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Featured modules

As a modular system, CMS42 can be configured as a very cost effective solution. Each module we add sits as its own small database and include items like, team profiles, blogs, image galleries, case studies and testimonials to name a few. As each module is added, the system then allows you to feature any of these items on any page, product or news item. Create a normal content page and then feature a testimonial, two team members and 6 case studies – it’s all in your control.

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Content SEO

Search engine optimisation (SEO) remains as one of the most important elements of website development. This is why our CMS was built from the ground up with SEO in mind. It allows content contributors to manage the URL structures, page and Meta titles as well as configured other key items such as 301 redirects and error pages. All the internal page templates use CCS to ensure your titles are in the correct places and formats and we help you review your copy to ensure its search friendly.

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Users & groups security

CMS:42 can manage hundreds of internal users and limit access to the CMS as required. This way you can create a hierarchy of users each with their own set of roles and permissions within the Content Management System. You can grant or restrict access to any aspect of CMS:42 as required. Content created and modified by a user is logged so you always know who updated what, and when. CMS:42 even caters for small companies that don’t need multiple users. Our System will run with one or more shared accounts that can be accessed by any user in your company.

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Multi-site CMS platform

Our CMS can handle multiple websites from one back office interface.  The Multi-site system lets you share assets between multiple sites, removing the need to duplicate files and images amongst several sites. The system allows you to write unique content for each website and caters for multiple languages too.

User accounts can be used in conjunction with this system to restrict or allow access to specific sites in your multi-site configuration.

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