Basket & checkout

The checkout process

Our checkout process is optimised to create an easy flow through to payment and a thank you page. This is followed up by a beautifully formatted thank you email. Which can include a PDF attachment of the invoice. Further follow up emails to request reviews can also be scheduled within the system. The checkout process is also responsive in design making it easy for visitors to buy from you website on mobile devices.

The process can optionally hide any menu systems so that the customer is not distracted from the payment journey. This is usually a three step process of entering customer and delivery details, confirming the basket content and finally payment. 

A follow up email will ask the customer to add a password to their account and become a member. The email will explain the benefits of membership, such as order histories, order tracking, discount options and re-ordering.

The system caters for drop-outs too. If someone goes through the process but fails to pay, we automatically send them an email asking them to come back and complete their order. All the emails the system sends during and after the checkout process are tailored to suit your business and your brand.

Features of the checkout process

  • Clear and easy to use
  • Fully responsive (mobile friendly)
  • Integrated with postcode lookup software
  • Integrated with a payment provider of your choice
  • Fully PCI compliant 
  • Fully secured with SSL and SQL Server
  • Email notification system
  • My account area with updated order statuses
  • Error logging and error trapping
  • Payment via multiple payment systems
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