Custom Functionality

Custom functionality - make it your own

Almost every website we design and build has some type of customisation to the CMS or ecommerce system.

Why? Because we don’t build software that forces you to change the way you work.

Our systems are always designed around you, to resolve issues and automate procedures and tasks, making you and your team more efficient and more profitable.


A customisation may be required within any section of the back office or front end of the website. Generally, we have seen it and done it before and can show examples of our work in the real world.

Ultimately the point of building a bespoke ecommerce website is to gain a return on your investment as quickly as possible and grow your business. Customisation accelerates this return and the efficiencies of bespoke software in your workplace will help you achieve your targets.


Common integration and bespoke functions

  • Modified product matrix
  • Modified work-flow
  • Bespoke email notifications
  • Bespoke order picking
  • Modified stock location and control
  • Product personalisation 
  • Integration with EPOS
  • Integration with accounting system
  • Integration with delivery partner
  • Integration with email marketing provider
  • Integration with third party review system
  • Use of APIs from third parties  
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