Customers & Orders

CRM & order fulfilment

Our ecommerce solution has a very comprehensive order fulfilment system built in. This is often modified slightly for our enterprise customers to integrate with their internal systems and processes. The system allows you to search for orders and customers, allowing you to refine your searches by order status and date. Each order has a full set of details with time stamps and all the order and payment details. You can select the orders you want to manage and print picking lists and send dispatch emails, all with quick and simple clicks of the mouse. If this sounds like hard work, then the entire process can be automated.

All your customers will have their details stored in the CRM system. The system stores all their details and multiple delivery addresses. It also holds records of past purchases allowing you to easily find your best clients to re-market to. This is seamlessly integrated into the manual ordering system so the telesales teams can easily find customers and add previous baskets and or products to a new order. They can then collect payment by simply taking the CSV numbers of a previously used credit card.

Some of the key features

  • Full CRM system
  • All data stored securely in SQL Server
  • User password re-set from CRM
  • All order history shown by customer, date and status
  • Multiple delivery addresses
  • Customer data extract facility
  • Trigger emails to customers 
  • Master order fulfilment screen
  • Search and sort orders
  • Print picking lists
  • Refund or partially refund orders
  • Return items to stock
  • Leave notes against orders
  • Change order status
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