Hi I'm Andy,
Senior Developer

I’m a Senior Developer with 30 years of experience developing and supporting desktop and web applications for a huge range of clients. I currently work on building our bespoke web solutions and integrating them with the CMS:42 system.

Role in Webnetism

As a Senior Developer I get involved in a variety of tasks, from CMS integration and new-builds, to support and maintenance of our existing portfolio of websites and eCommerce applications.

Specialty and Experience

I've been working as an applications developer for around 30 years, and as a web developer and CMS specialist for the last 14. Our current tool of choice is C# and ASP.net, but I’ve also worked in Java, PHP and, as they say, many many more!

What I like to get up to in my spare time

When I have the time I’m a car enthusiast and tinkerer, with a particular weakness for classic Minis. 

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