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A bespoke website design can be created with a custom content management system (CMS). This is very beneficial for clients who want to make their website unique and eye catching. A modern website has a bigger chance of standing out from the competition. We can help you get started and discuss creative website design ideas.

With a CMS system, all elements are custom coded and they allow clients to manage the content themselves on the backend.

CMS Website Design

A CMS allows the client to control and manage the content within the website efficiently. It’s an easy tool to use and access pages, delete images, edit text and post material on the website. At Webnetism we also build bespoke CMS systems for a range of different clients and we offer our own bespoke content management system. Our CMS has been designed to be intuitive and easy to use, allowing our clients to manage every aspect of their website.

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Key points

Responsive Design

Responsive Design

It's more important than ever to cater for users and customers who use handheld devices rather than desktop computers to connect to and browse the Internet. Responsive design ensures your website is seen by the widest audience.

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Benefits of using a custom CMS


Custom CMSs are generally more secure because the systems are uniquely built and therefore contain less security loopholes. Because CMS websites are bespoke, they are harder to hack and therefore it is less likely that someone can cause damage to the site.

Because CMS websites are bespoke, they are less likely to leak sensitive information. We also tend to host these systems on servers ourselves which gives us a lot more security control.

Custom Functionality

Bespoke content management systems come with a wide range of capabilities. For one of our clients; bakerdays, our bespoke CMS allows their customers to personalise their cakes themselves. bakerdays can also manage and create new personalised products through the CMS./p>

The individual requirements of the website will dictate whether a custom CMS is the best route.


We can offer a simplified version of our bespoke content management system. This means no technical skills are needed and less training is required to manage and get the content on your website. Each custom website is built from scratch to make sure the client’s requirements are met as a result. As a result we provide a tailored system with unnecessary functionality removed making it simple to navigate and easy to use.

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Introducing our custom CMS tool

Why make life more complicated than it is?

The beauty of our custom CMS is that we developed it to be as user-friendly as possible and what we created is a straightforward and no-nonsense tool. When our customers spoke, we listened, and now it’s here our CMS42!

CMS:42 was developed in our Cheltenham offices with the aim of being an extremely robust and sophisticated content management system. The CMS is modular by nature which makes it easy to use and suitable for any budget – it’s easy to extend it at any time as your needs change.Get in touch for a free demo tour and talk to our experienced team to learn more.


With our custom made CMS, website updates are rarely needed as only the critical apps are included within the program. As and when the client wants to change or add new features, then development work would be undertaken. With a custom CMS, it’s easy to add extra features as these have been built in-house and will be in line with the website.

Why choose Webnetism to develop your custom CMS?

Webnetism specialise in custom CMS development and have built many websites over the years. Our experienced team of developers work closely with our clients to ensure the CMS is delivered and suited to every need. We have over 15 years’ of experience and are dedicated to crafting beautiful web designs and CMS systems. 

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