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We create and improve brands. We love being a part of helping brands evolve and stand out. In today's ever-changing world, where first impressions matter - we are proud of having helped small and medium sized enterprises thrive in their unique branding and design. We work closely with businesses to understand what their vision, product and service is all about, to create a unique brand or revamp an existing tired logo. We help make a real impact that will reflect on a company.

When we create a new brand, we help businesses tell their story and inspire people with creative solutions that capture the eye. It's not only about a beautiful logo, but it's also about capturing and having a lasting effect on customers, making sure they do not forget what your brand is all about.

Along with a shiny new brand most businesses choose to create a brand guideline document. This document is the bible to all thing’s logo, fonts, and assets, there’s more to a brand than just a logo so it’s only fair it comes with a set of instructions. When a logo is designed, consideration needs to be given as to how and where that logo is to be used, what colours may be associated with it and how much space must be left around the logo so it isn't crowded. There’s also the case of choosing fonts, colours and associated graphics, icons or other imagery that will form the overall corporate identity.

Once all of the brand assets have been chosen, it makes sense to write some basic rules so your brand can be correctly represented for many years to come. We can create these rules and provide a document, as simple or as complex as your brand requires, so that regardless of who needs to work with it your brand will always be presented with consistency whether printed on paper, embroidered on clothing, or applied to a fleet of vehicles.

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Whether it’s a refresh of your existing logo or a comprehensive new look our team of designers can help you achieve it – the sky is the limit with brand projects!

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