Naima Naima Update

2+ years on and our scrum adoption has helped us deliver more

19th March 2021

You might remember that back in 2018 we decided to adopt a scrum approach to all thing’s development, and since its inception the team have been busy refining the process, so it runs like a well oiled machine.

Naima Naima Marketing

How to choose the right development agency for the job!

5th March 2021

As we start to see the light at the end of this pandemic tunnel thanks to the distribution of the vaccine, no doubt thoughts are going to start turning to how to rebuild your business after probably the hardest 12 months thus far.

Harry Harry Tech

Exciting new reporting capabilities within CMS:42

9th February 2021

Various web trackers can tell you an awful lot about the sort of things people do and purchase on your website but some people, like me, completely block trackers. I do that at the network level as well as ad blocking plug ins.

Chris Chris Tech

Even tech giants suffer outages

1st February 2021

Even tech giants suffer outages from time to time. What you can do about it? And why does this happen?

Tim Tim Marketing

Lockdown 3.0 - Making The Best Of It

15th January 2021

As the England endures its third lockdown along with similar restrictions in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, due to the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic we see businesses across the countries with their doors closed once more.

Tim Tim Marketing

10 Common Mistakes When Print Designers Design Websites

23rd December 2020

Generally, us graphic designers can be quite versatile. After all we’re just arranging words and pictures to look pretty - right? We’ll maybe that was true once, but when it comes to website design, we have to consider that unlike printed material the ‘viewers’ won’t always all see the same results.

Dan Dan Marketing

How web development helped me be a better parent

18th December 2020

Just like web development, I’ve found parenting takes a lot of patience, commitment and perseverance; you need to be flexible and always on your toes and i genuinely believe the skills I've developed and honed over my time as a web developer have had a huge impact on my abilities as a parent.

Naima Naima Marketing

Out with the old, in with the new!

2nd November 2020

As high street shopping lessens, more and more businesses are turning to the world wide web to sell their products and services but with the huge increase in online shopping have you taken a step back and thought, is my Google Analytics helping me learn about my customers and reach out to them with relevant information?

Tim Tim Tech

App Development - Apple vs Android

9th October 2020

Getting ready to launch an App might sound exciting, but there’s lots of things to think about. Possibly the most important decision, do I go with Apple or Android? Well that decision may have just got easier.

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