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Intranet development

What is an intranet?

An intranet is a private platform where only the employees from an organisation have access. With this platform staff can share knowledge and collaborate together as a team, to improve internal communications and save time on task driven projects.

An Intranet should provide a platform to promote the sharing of knowledge and aid working practices. It should act as a knowledge hub and central resource, acting as a first point of call for any information related to the business. The Intranet should strengthen the corporate brand by ensuring all members of the organisation use the correct resources in terms of documents, logos and signatures. This improves the internal communication and saves time on task driven projects.

What are the benefits of an intranet

  • Improved internal communications

  • Sharing resources and knowledge

  • Training platform and collaborative working

  • Enhanced project management

  • Increased transparency

The benefits  of intranet software are many as this is a useful business tool as it improves work efficiency and collaboration between departments and teams.

Important information can be stored and announced within the company. An intranet can also act as a training platform when providing online training to staff. The intranet can be used as a tool to keep track on progressions with various projects. When staff can communicate directly through chats and there is an open area to view all the results - this creates a transparency that is easy to follow for both management and colleagues.

What does our Intranet platform provide?

  • Fresh, attractive and bespoke Intranet design that suits your organisation
  • Proven user friendly Intranet CMS platform
  • Simple and clear navigation
  • Easy to use Staff Directory
  • Powerful Intranet search functionality
  • Knowledge sharing through departmental blogs and divisional news
  • Instant Messenger contained within the Intranet
  • Intranet notice Board for the whole organisation and for each department
  • Social calendar of events by department and company-wide
  • Alerts on the home page for critical information which will also trigger an automated email to all staff and Intranet users
  • Automatic email to staff highlighting updates with staff being able to opt out of certain lists
  • Media Library including images, documents, videos
  • Department/Team Space 
  • My Space 
  • Committee pages 
  • Social Activities section 
  • Trainees and new arrivals, featured where appropriate
  • Recent leavers
  • Intranet knowledge base
  • Social tools
  • Discounts
  • Buy & Sell
  • After work clubs
  • Charities
  • Intranet Moderation
  • All elements of the Intranet can be moderated by administrators.
  • Housekeeping system – clears old rubbish

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Buying an intranet

Don't buy an Intranet solution off the shelf and hope people will use it.

Designing an intranet should involve the stakeholders, the users of the system. Without their input the project will never take off and your investment will be wasted. We follow a tested process...

How do we build an Intranet?

  • Discovery – what are the needs of the organisation and how will an Intranet be of benefit?
  • Graphic design - Intranet design is different to website design
  • Integration with the Intranet CMS platform
  • Test deployment and environment for the Intranet system
  • Deployment of the live Intranet system, either cloud based or within your network
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