Dan, Senior Web Developer

Hi I'm Dan,
Senior Web Developer

Dan is a senior developer within our Cheltenham website development team and is responsible for many of the websites we have designed and developed over the years.

Role in Webnetism

My regular day is usually working on our internally developed systems, adding new or improving existing functionality. When I'm not working on our CMS or eCommerce systems I'll usually be integrating them in to clients websites or building bespoke functionality for their website, ensuring our clients websites are performing effectively and efficiently. I also provide support to a number of clients who didn't have websites developed with us, fixing bugs, adding new functionality or just simply maintaining their systems.

Specialty and Experience

I've been working as a web developer for around 8 years now, although I started learning web development whilst studying Computer Science at Uni. I've built quite a number of bespoke systems in the past and have most recently been working on the new Content Management System (CMS) and eCommerce platforms for Webnetism. I'm a problem solver and enjoy a good challenge.

What I like to get up to in my spare time

I brew beer, cycle, run, lift, fish, cook, bake, play guitar and play video and board games; although no one's really got time for all of that so I mainly just brew and drink.

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