Jacob, Front-end developer

Hi I'm Jacob,
Front-end developer

Jacob is a front-end developer within our Cheltenham website development team and is responsible for creating and iterating UX and UI elements throughout our sites and applications.

Role in Webnetism

As a front-end developer at Webnetism. My role is to bring interactivity and style to the websites and web applications of our clients. I am involved in branding updates, building UI/UX features and updating the visuals of a site or application. 

Specialty and Experience

I specialize in Angular development having come from Angular JS to Angular I have carried over a lot of the core concepts to the updated framework. My other specialty is writing css and scss. Having built up strong css fundamentals I am able to utilize UI tools and libraries in order to speed up development while understanding enough to avoid falling into traps that some of these frameworks can have.

What I like to get up to in my spare time

In my spare time I work on any number of other personal projects; furthering my web development and design skills. I relax by sketching, reading and working out. When I can I try to travel as much as possible.

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