Mobile friendly design (Responsive design)

What is mobile friendly design?

A mobile website is a website that can be viewed without pinching and zooming on desktop PCs, phones & tablets.

How does mobile friendly design help?

Mobile friendly design is a must now that on most sites over 50% of users are using their mobile devices to access the website. This should also take into account website speed as some users will be using 3G networks & may also have limited data plans. No users expect to see a desktop website on a mobile device in 2020 & have to navigate by pinching and zooming.

If you already have a desktop website, making the site responsive can be less work than you may think & your visitors will thank you for it.

Fresh & engaging content

What is it?

The text, videos & images that make up your website.

How will it help?

Is your content old, stale & confusing? Sometimes clients can get bogged down in the technical aspect of their business. It helps to view your website & its content from your customer's perspective. Will your customers understand what you do when they hit your website? Are you making them work too hard to figure out if your business is right for them? You need to send a clear message to your customers quickly so that they don’t move on elsewhere. Keeping the site updated with a blog for instance is also a great way to keep customers interested & the search engines ranking your site higher.

A clear call to action

What is a call to action?

A call to action is something you should provide to users to show them what to do next.

How does a call to action help?

Giving your customers information on your website is great, but at the end of the page what you want them to do next if they are still reading? Using a clear call to action section or buttons can help to direct your customers to the next part of your site, maybe a sign-up form or a get in touch section with contact details. Clear calls to action can be used to guide your customers & create an engaging user experience.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

What is SEO?

SEO is techniques to make your website rank higher in search engines.

What should you do?

This is one aspect of a website that is often overlooked. Using basic SEO techniques can still help to rank your website higher on Google & in turn net you more new customers. SEO covers most aspects of your website from page speed, backlinks to content & keywords. Without these you may be ranking below your competition.

About us page

It may seem obvious but a clear about us page can be the most popular page on a website after the homepage. Homepages can be great to get a quick message across & utilising an about us page is a great way to explain your business.

Social media links

Social media has become the most popular form of communication in 2020. Facebook recently announced that over 2 billion people log in daily to use their website, it is a missed opportunity if you are not tapping into these audiences.

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