Today we are taking a closer look 6 design choices that were made to improve the user experience and aesthetics of the main corporate website.

1. Large hero image

The large hero section of websites have been around for a number of years now and have been getting bigger and bigger each year. It's now fairly common for the hero image to take up all of the space above the fold. This helps to focus attention on individual products or services and helps to create a striking first visual impression.

2. Simplified headers, navigation & layout

Headers often contain large amounts of data when you are dealing with a large corporate website. Simplifying this down to core elements can help to direct user flow through your website and should organise content which will help your users to find content they need quickly. Layouts have also been simplified to aid content management and for ease of reading at the front end of the website.

3. Use of semi flat design

Flat design is using elements on the page the don't give the effect of three dimensional objects, such as drop shadows or bevels. Using flat design make elements on the site easier for users to understand & also can make the website load quicker than using large complicated elements.

4. Large product images

Larger product images are used through out the new website. This helps to highlight different features of products in a more efficient and effective way.

5. Prominent videos

Videos have been given more prominence on the new website. Videos can be used to convey a message succinctly and can reduce the amount of content needed on a page. This can give a quick overview to your clients.

6. Limited bold colour palette

The branding for Ultra electronics is bold and limited to four main colours. Block colour sections have been used with some use of negative space, which provides a sense of dynamism and gives a simple, modern feel.

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