Why an SEO Audit is Important

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is important to your business’ online presence. The aim of SEO is to acquire visibility on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing by making sure that the page ranks high on organic searches. In other words, SEO is simply making it easier for people to find your products/services online.

The important aspect to understand when it comes to digital marketing and SEO is no method alone will increase the search engine results. There are several important factors that together with a digital marketing strategy will give the best foundation to improve search engine optimisation.

Before undertaking an SEO Audit

We always ask our clients some vital questions before undertaking an SEO Audit. This gives us the opportunity to learn more about the company and the goals they are trying achieve.

A complete client understanding. We need to learn about the company and what products and services they sell. We need to know their target audience and who they sell their products/services to. Who are their competitors? With this information, we can undertake a competitive analysis of the industry.

Determining goals. It’s important for us to understand their goals. Whether they are looking to increase their website visits, more leads, sales or even calls. With their goals we can put together an action and strategy plan to work towards. 

Access to Google analytics. If they are not using Google Analytics, it’s about time to get started. This tool allows us to analyse more in-depth how visitors behave on the website. For instance, time spend on different webpages, whether there is a high bounce rate when browsing the site etc. Even Google AdWords is a helpful tool to get a better idea of the current website performance.

Keyword research. We need to understand what keywords they would like to be found under on Google searches. Then we can supply a complete keyword research report. This would also be the foundation for the content plan. 

The quality of website content. We go through their website and landing pages to establish the quality of the content. Well written text with targeted keywords is more likely to rank higher on Google searches. 

Our SEO audits include

• Technical SEO Audit
• On page SEO Audit
• Competitor Analysis
• Keyword Research Analysis
• Custom SEO Strategy
• Content Plan

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