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Knowing what your customers want and how they interact with your website is absolute key to a successful ecommerce business. Inviting visitor or customer feedback is vitally important, as is monitoring their activity and search patterns using tools such as Google Analytics.

However, having this information isn’t a lot of use if you can’t react quickly enough!

That’s why a CMS based ecommerce website is an absolute must – it gives you the ability to amend all aspects of your website immediately. If you don’t have control over your site, the opportunity could be lost by the time your IT guys get round to sorting it out.

The weather’s looking good and you’re still advertising rain coats? No problem… Just change the home page to promote your latest beachwear quicker than you can say “budgie smugglers”!

Top clothing retailer and masters of the fish-related pun; Weird Fish have ninja-like reactions when it comes to making the most out of this.

They regularly update their home page and department banners to take advantage of seasonal trends or customer feedback, promote key products/offers and to generally keep things fresh (essential for SEO too).

This week saw another example when they used the Webnetism CMS to update their website quicker than a Jerzy Janowicz* serve!

To celebrate Andy Murray’s historic win they updated the content of their website and used the ecommerce engine to promote their Wimbledon inspired menswear.


While most of the country were still nursing a Pimms-related sore head, those canny guys at Weird Fish had already hailed the first British male winner of Wimbledon for 77 years**

The moral of the story – successful ecommerce means listening to your customers and capitalising on what the current trends and themes are RIGHT NOW (not last week). But it’s the ability to change your website and create new product promotions almost immediately, that separates the Sir Andy Murray’s from the “Tiger” Tim’s of this world….

Advantage Webnetism….

 *Tall Polish tennis player who got a right good tonking by Andy in the semis.

** Interesting fact – Webnetism’s very own Peter Carr claims to have been a ball boy at that event.

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