1. Continue building fresh content

Most of the hard work should now be done, but having high quality, original content on your website is essential to gaining a high search ranking. You need to remember that content is the real reason people will use your website. Regularly updating your website or even creating a content plan can greatly increase visitors & in turn achieve a high search engine ranking.

2. Get social

Social media plays an important role in connecting with your customers. You should review your social media efforts and check to see which social media platforms have been the most engaging with people. Once you have identified the most suitable social media platforms you should create a publishing schedule for new content.

3. Use business listings

Utilising business directories can improve your local rankings for your website. Carefully selecting quality business directories to advertise on can provide Google with more information about your business and provide valuable quality backlinks to your website.

4. Get some user reviews

Reviews can build trust with new customers and can demonstrate you have a reputable business. User reviews can provide potential customers with that reassurance they they can trust you with their money & information. Google provide reviews for your business listing and its a great place to start.

Consider reviews from the following:

  • Google reviews
  • Trustpilot
  • Facebook

5. Other advertising options

There are other options for promoting your new website including Google Adwords and social media advertising. Both offer visibility and clicks from potential users that can really boost website hits. With social media advertising offering considerable value for money and providing excellent conversions rates.

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