What do you like about working at Webnetism?

There are many aspects of Webnetism that I like however the flexibility when it comes to a work/life balance really makes it a great place to be. The team are very friendly and approachable no matter the topic, ranging from nerd tech talk to jokes and life stories.

What’s your background?

14 year old me was sat in my bedroom, designing and creating moving animated gifs for web adverts. From here I moved into styling online forums and developing small websites. Around 4 years later I had built a collection of returning clients and realised coding could be more than just a hobby. I developed my knowledge and life experience further with the help of a web based university degree, focusing on full stack development leaning more towards the front end before finding my current role here at Webnetism.

What do you like most about your job?

Everyday has new work, new tasks and new problems to solve. My job as a front end developer requires juggling many of these tasks at once. Within the past year I have worked on over 80 different applications and 1000 different jira tasks.

What are your hopes for our industry?

The web is always evolving, growing and becoming more powerful, I hope to see this trend continue and more areas of our everyday life becoming incorporated by connected technology. Cryptocurrency and blockchain is certainly something to watch out for in the future. I also hope mobile development continues to improve and the stigma surrounding developing applications using web technologies fades.

What is the most important thing you have learned in the last five years?

Take risks, do scary things, get out of your comfort zone and develop yourself through saying YES to opportunity. In 10 years’ time you will remember the crazy adventures, not the boring ones.


I can freak people out by flexing my Fibularis Longus muscle in my ankle, it catches on my fibular and causes a weird sensation throughout my ankle – you can tell I have researched this!

I can also grab and peel a banana with my feet 🍌

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