But Pandas are lovely and huggable aren’t they? Well, when you think of a Panda, three things probably come to mind...

  • They're cute, cuddly and you just want to give a them a big squeeze
  • They’re ridiculously fussy eaters
  • Not sure how to say this, but…  IT geeks probably get more action than they do (maybe not accountants)...


But now Google has given these poor creatures a bad name due to their infamous "Panda 4.0" algorithm, and just like its namesake, beneath that loveable exterior is something that would probably rip your face off given half a chance….

Last week (21st May 2014) Google announced that this new algorithm was going to target websites with "poor quality content". 

Already the effect has been dramatic - according to several reports, websites such as eBay, ask.com and biography.com have lost up to 70% of their rankings!

Gulp! Why on earth are they doing that?

At the end of the day (apart from a small matter of world domination) Google just wants to give its users the best possible experience it can by presenting them with the most relevant and informative results possible.

The Panda algorithm’s main aim is to combat web spammers who just copy other websites’ content and so add no value at all. Its job is to identify and penalise similar pages or content that appears to have been created automatically.

So, if your website’s copywriter is called into action about as often as a Panda’s private parts, you could be in BIG trouble…

How do I stop my website getting Kung Fu’d by the Panda?

Don’t panic! The fundamental principles behind good SEO still stand – you should always ensure your website has regular, original and informative content.

Don’t just copy it from somewhere else. If you have an eCommerce website – avoid copy/pasting the manufacture’s product descriptions. Take time to write your own text and add some real value to it.

Regularly update your site and keep the content fresh. Invest in a decent Content Management System (CMS) so that you can act pro-actively and amend your website any time you need.

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