25 years in the making, yes that’s right - quarter of a century. 

And the thing that shocked me most when I found this out is I’ve been using it for the past 23 years. 21 years commercially and the final 2 years of my college education, back in the day when Apple Mac’s were beige just like any other computer. 

I’d spent the previous 2 years at college learning to airbrush photographs … with paint and an actual airbrush – what a waste!

By 1992 a new verb was entered into the dictionary “to Photoshop” and now even those far removed from the design and creative industry know what that means thanks to magazine covers, and high profile Photoshopped celebrities.

My most memorable Photoshop moment was when I worked for a music website, I had to add some modesty shadows to a revealing picture of the members of girl band TLC to make is suitable for our ‘smash hits’ age target audience.

Now as a website design tool I have to admit Photoshop is not my first port of call, but for image manipulation, and photo editing there’s no beating it.

So Happy Birthday my old faithful friend, here’s to the next 25 years…. When I won’t be far off retirement age.

In the begining....

 When we started with Photoshop

And today.... 

 Pgotoshop today

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