CMS:42 is designed to help you to keep a website updated through a comprehensive content manager. Allowing for adding and editing new content in real-time, CMS:42 is exceptionally easy to use making it ideal for non-technical users to manage a corporate website day-to-day. But thats not all, what makes CMS:42 truly unique is the ability to work along side the developers who made the system, so that together we can make your custom projects a reality.

CMS:42 can be used for a wide variety of business such as:

  • Multilingual enterprise level websites
  • E-commerce websites
  • Events, private hire and or booking websites
  • Intranet systems
  • Bespoke web applications
  • Brochure websites (product launches, business websites)

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What's in the new 2022 version of CMS:42?

It's a multi-functional CMS

CMS:42 is designed to provide custom e-commerce websites, private hire websites, event booking websites & more...

With multilingual options

Managing multi languages in CMS:42 is easy as toggling content.

Easy to use page builder

Page layouts can be edited inside the CMS, using the super simple page editor system with drag and drop.

Helpful custom page templates

Pages templates can be created, copied, edited & re-used. Ideal for quickly deploying a new web page, or a favourite created layout.

Easy to use form builder

Forms can be created and deployed in content pages. Advanced options make managing forms a breeze.

More CMS:42 features include:

  • Multi-lingual options
  • Multi-site options
  • Advanced page builder for content editing. Featuring easily managed UI widgets.
  • Page template builder system
  • User management including advanced user roles control
  • Form builder
  • Translation management
  • Redirect management
  • Menu management
  • JavaScript control
  • Cookie control (For marketing, analytics etc)
  • Media management (Images, PDFs etc)
  • Unique customisable & standard page types; standard content pages, news, blogs, portfolios, testimonials, events, team
  • Revision history and recycle bin facility
  • Option for white label or UI customised for your business

CMS:42 from Webnetism

Webnetism have been developing their own CMSs (Content Management Systems) for over 20 years and are excited to announce the release of the new version, which is set to be the best yet.

Featuring more options than ever before & with more powerful management systems built in, when considering a CMS for your next project we think you’ll be surprised at how much CMS:42 does out of the box.

The new CMS:42 has been in development for over four years and has been re-built from the ground up, based on clients’ growing needs. Utilising leading edge software, designed to scale for enterprise level applications. The CMS system was designed & built in Cheltenham by a team of highly experienced UI designers and developers.

With unprecedented levels of control and with optional private servers hosted at our managed, on-site datacentre we are sure CMS:42 will take your project to the next level and beyond.

Why choose CMS:42?

Webnetism can customise all options to suit your project, specifications and brand. The core CMS is designed to be developed to suit any clients’ unique requirements for each of their individual projects.

CMS:42 has historically been used for a wide variety of clients & use cases, including small businesses and publicaly traded international corporations. Webnetism work alongside clients to turn their vision into reality, from conception to completion.

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