Whilst the situation may feel dire, there are some that have managed to make fast changes to not only save their business but also to continue to offer their products and services to their customers.

Clearly Amazon are doing well out of this, speaking personally I think the majority of my Christmas Shopping was delivered to my door in a box with a smile on the side. And I’ve talked about the ‘Amazon Effect’ in a previous blog. [LINK]

And whilst you can look to the big guns for inspiration sometimes it can be daunting thinking you have to compete. Hold that thought….

Should you try and compete with Amazon?

Well unless you’re Elon Musk I’d say NO! Let Amazon carry on doing what they do best.

But what we can do is study the current situation and see what small changes might be worth a shot.

Many people, myself included have been working from home for a long time now. I’m saving around one and a half hours a day from not commuting, I’m also not filling up my car so often, saving a few quid.

And what do people do when they have time on their hands? Generally, pick up their phone, tablet or go to their computer and browse! And maybe with a bit extra cash in the bank, saved from lower traveling expenses people might be in the mindset to cheer themselves up with a little spending spree.

So if you have the means to reach out to your customers online you should really be doing all you can to do right now. Even if you’re not in a position to sell your products or services directly online people are looking longer term to make plans for when some kind of normality returns.

Things you can do:

  • Arrange video meetings and consultations – personal trainers, solicitors, financial advisors, whatever your business, replace calls and emails with face-to-face online chats.
  • Create ‘Live’ streaming events – and be inventive. I know of a local high street bathroom store using Facebook live streaming to unbox a fresh delivery of new stock and streamed virtual open days and showroom tours.
  • Advertise! If you’re not doing so already get set up with Google Ads and or Facebook Ads. Set a small budget and see how it goes, but don’t forget to set up tracking to monitor the results.
  • Get on the socials – if your business doesn’t already have a social media presence then you’re seriously missing out. But don’t just set up a page and think that’s it. Get active, join in. Post interesting stuff such as tips, help and advise related to your products or services. Join groups related to your business if you can, be friendly, share your expertise and offer to help out others.
  • YouTube – as well as social media interaction setting up a YouTube channel is a great way to advertise your business and showcase your expertise. I know of a guy that posts videos on ‘how to lay a patio’ etc. It’s his business so you might think he’s giving away tricks of the trade, but rather than be precious about his skill, sharing his knowledge with others will show that actually it’s quite hard. The viewer may well think “I’ll leave it to the professionals, this guy seems to know what he’s on about, I’ll give him a call”.
  • And finally, make time to review your website. When was it last updated? Is it still relevant? Make sure you’re communicating your current COVID situation, are you open, closed, limited hours, delivering or operating click and collect?
  • Sell online if you can, even without an ecommerce shop if you have physical products you can sell via other outlets such as Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree or similar FreeAds type sites, eBay or Amazon Marketplace. But bear in mind any fees associated with the later.

Some of these things might feel a little bit too technical, but if you need help with any of these things or would like advice on how to get your business boosted online then get in touch.

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One thing for sure, is that even when this is behind us it will have altered the landscape for good. Peoples habits will have changed, there’s no getting back to normal after this, we’ll have a new kind of normal so starting to make changes now will get you ready.

Wishing you all that best!

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