Historically we have used Rich Text Editor, which has been a fast and reliable WYSIWYG editor with many features, but after listening to our client feedback we decided it was time to integrate the latest technology to help our clients to manage their websites as easily as quickly and possible.

The latest features of CKEditor include;

  • Auto-formatting – Your end-users write a lot? Save their time with auto-formatting and handy keyboard shortcuts.
  • Paste from Word – Paste content from Office applications such as Microsoft Word and Excel or Google Docs and have it converted to clean HTML.
  • Embed media – Insert embeddable media such as tweets, videos (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo), Instagram or Facebook posts.
  • Responsive images – Drag and drop an image to have it uploaded instantly. Built-in support for responsive images will let your website be friends with mobile devices.

All of these features combine to make managing your website with CMS:42 easier and quicker than ever!

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