What are URL redirects and do you need any?

Learn how to simply and effectively improve your website UX, and SEO, with URL redirection.

What is a redirect?

It’s a process of forwarding one URL to a different URL; a process known as redirection. This process sends both users, and search engine bots, to a different URL from the one they originally requested. There are generally two kinds of website redirects that you should probably make a note of: 301 and 302.

Two of the most commonly used types of redirection:

301 and 302 redirect


301 redirect
A 301 redirect is a permanent redirect, which passes 99% of the URL ranking power, which is then forwarded over to the new URL. This is why 301 redirect is probably the best type of redirection for your website.


302 redirect
A 302 is a temporary redirect, generally used for URLs that you’re intending on using again soon. Temporary maintenance pages are a great example of where you would see such a redirect being used.


Do you need a redirect?


Have you undergone a website change to satisfy your business goals and now have a new website under a fresh domain, or perhaps a few of your web page URLs have changed, and you want to make sure your users get sent to the right content? Then yes, setting up a 301 redirect would be beneficial for your website.

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Are you using CMS:42?



If so, sign into your content management system, and navigate to 301 redirects. The illustration below demonstrates how easy it can be to add a new 301 redirect to your website, when using the CMS:42 redirects module. Learn more about CMS:42, and how it can be integrated with your site.

CMS:42 301 redirect table


Enhance your site with 301 redirects now, and keep that precious link juice.



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