A week has now past and there’s already some pretty impressive growth going on…

Already you should be feeling the power of your blossoming “Mr Tickles” – like the increased attention from ladies (and less desirable, Labradors…)


We’ve now raised £155 making our team #3,045 in the UK. Not bad for the first week. With James “the Hairy Horn-dog” Holmes being the top fundraiser so far.

People are more likely to put their hands in their pockets (and sometimes your pockets) when they’ve started to see some results. So look out for pictures next week!



  • Policemen in large Indian cities are sometimes paid a bonus if they grow a moustache. It’s considered a symbol of virility and power (but obviously doesn’t help their coding…)
  • The average man with a mo’ touches it 760 times a day!


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