Our first Content Management System was called FST (Fluid site Technology) developed over 15 years ago in Cheltenham! 

Our later Content Management system, CMS:42, was originally developed over  8 years ago with several versions available. It’s a very established and reliable system but has needed to evolve with the requirements of our customers and the capabilities of the web. 

Many of the features now available in the CMS were built on top of the CMS system rather than as part of it. This approach has worked well and the implementation of additional features has been completed effectively, however, we strongly believe anything can be improved upon and have decided to rewrite our Content Management System (CMS:42) from the ground up - all by our design and development team in Cheltenham.

How are we rewriting our Content Management System?

We’ve looked through all of the various modules, functionality and features we’ve built for CMS42 over the years as well as the ones that are very specific to individual projects. We’ve reviewed everything and compiled a list of functionality we need and want in a CMS system.The current version of CMS42 implements some 3rd party components, most of which were unavoidable during its initial development. Whilst these have provided stable functionality in the past, in the newer version we’ve gone to great lengths to redevelop these components in house.

This will make the CMS faster, easier to use and easier to maintain.Improvements in the new Content Management System.

We’ve taken the list we compiled and oveer the last 6 months begun development of a newer version of our CMS system focusing on the newer technologies and modern approaches to development that are available to us. We’re well in to development of the base for this new Content Management System and already we’ve seem massive performance improvements.

We’ve taken a look at the architecture of our existing CMS and redesigned it from the ground up. We’ve been aiming to improve data retrieval times and content load times to provide our clients and their customers with much faster websites. A huge focus of the design was performance as well as memory management and security. Sites run on the new CMS will be less demanding, faster and more secure.

Using our new CMS means our clients start with a website tuned for performance that promotes great SEO at its core without sacrificing its versatility or the control it gives them over their content.

How does this affect me?

For any existing customers that use CMS42 don’t worry, we’re continuing to support and develop on CMS42 as and when need arises. For any new or existing customers that want to make the move to the newer version of CMS42 keep your eyes out for more information in the very near future, as the first of the latest breed of websites are already in the testing phase, with our own website already running the system.

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