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Do you reach your target audience? Are you missing important keywords for your ads? We will undertake a complete keyword report. 

Quality Scores
There are different factors affecting quality score ranking. One of the factors affecting the quality score is poor keyword research. The strategy for keyword research is to choose keywords that are highly relevant for the landing page that you are trying to target. Higher quality score ads also performs better and generally get higher click-through rates.

Keyword Performance
Keyword research and regular reviews and performance analysis is vital to succeed with your PPC campaigns.

Click-Through Rates and Ad copy
There are different ad options and they should regularly be tested to measure performance. We can help creating your PPC campaigns and creative ad copy.

Location Targeting
Different geographical areas will have different responses to ads. We will investigate your ads further and also adjust your bidding strategy to maximise your return on investment.

Ad scheduling
The ads can be scheduled to display during different timings throughout the day and week. We will analyse your conversion performance and customise your bidding strategy.

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