Happy New Year to everyone reading this. Have you started planning for next Christmas yet?


I have. I already have wrapping paper & crackers. I have already started planning my new Christmas decorative light - I am thinking of making a star with RGB LED neon tape but that is quite expensive at the moment. I have already worked out what I am going to get the kids. Father Christmas has already bought them a yoyo. I bet he can’t find them in December though!

All the big retailers plan Christmas continuously – this is when they make their money and so it is in their interests to spend a lot of time ensuring that all my hard-earned cash is spent in their supermarket and not someone else’s.

Now is the time to start planning your Christmas website amendments. It could be a Santa hat on your logo; animated snowfall or even just simple pre-Christmas delivery message. Perhaps you want to update your website to make it easier for your customers to spend money with you – start that as soon as possible. It is always easier if it is a planned piece of work rather than a last-minute rush.

Of course, Christmas is just one commerce opportunity of the year. There is Valentine’s Day, Mothering Sunday, Easter, Father’s Day, the long Summer Holiday, Halloween, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and then we get back to Christmas again.

Merry Christmas!


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