Personalisation software to allow website visitors to preview a product with an image and text has historically been very expensive and complicated. Several major players who have a focus in the print industry provide this type of software.

DirectSmile – requires an upfront licence which is in the tens of thousands of pounds. It requires a maintenance contract and its own dedicated server to run. It renders images on a per core licence so the more rendering speed you want the more licence fees you pay. At best it renders in about 4 seconds – SLOW for any website visitor! How do we know this?

We use DirectSmile for one of the websites we run: Try it and see for yourself. It’s very costly to buy and requires a dedicated hosted server. Don’t get us wrong – it’s a very clever application and brilliant at what it does, but its overkill for rendering images on a website.

The XMPie system utilises the same principals as DirectSmile and although we haven’t used it ourselves we have seen demonstrations of the software and it would have been our choice for new projects – had we not invested our own time and energy in a better system.

Our solution: 30,000 renders per second and easy to use!

We spent four months writing our personalisation software which can be applied to any product. It doesn’t require ANY licensing from a third party and we can easily integrate it within our ecommerce platform. If it works for cakes & balloons it will work for almost anything!

The system is designed solely for rendering images and storing high resolution print files for the personalisation of products on a website. It’s not designed as a replacement for DirectSmile or XMPie, but it focuses on what is needed by our clients when it comes to the personalisation of products and the storing and printing of high resolution files.

The best way to see how it works is to try it here: bakerdays product personalisation

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