We were asked to produce a website for The Dogs Doodahs that worked in conjunction with their existing website that provided an improved mobile experience. The existing website, whilst functional on most modern mobile devices, was not optimised for mobile devices and being such an image heavy website could run slowly on poor internet connections.

We approached this by creating the goal of producing a mobile website that was easy to use and responsive even on slower internet connections. The final solution shouldn’t remove or restrict functionality from their live site.

We expanded on these requirements and developed a solution that wasn’t aimed at working on a specific set of devices, but rather on all devices regardless of screen size, implementing an adaptive layout based on device orientation. This solution allowed us to maintain full site functionality whilst focussing load time and personalisation improvements. The site has been built utilising good SEO and associates all traffic with their live site, to avoid splitting any weight the site as a whole would have in Search engines.

The new mobile website has been tested and proven working on the most popular android tablets and mobile phones as well as a huge range of the iOS devices including iPad 2, iPad Air and iPhones 4 through 5s.


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