Yay, it’s a BOY!

5 “Right-Royal” Top Tips for email Marketing

Webnetism would like to wish the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge all the very best following the birth of their baby boy. Great news!


Email marketingIn the 21st Century it’s still nice to see some old traditions in place like announcing the new prince on an easel at Buckingham Palace. But it’s no surprise that Twitter was full of congratulatory tweets, best wishes and baby name speculation (Prince “Nige” does have a certain majestic ring to it). In what is now a far more recent tradition, I’m sure it also won’t be too long before Kate will be boring all her Facebook friends by posting seemingly endless amounts of baby photos….

And while the Duchess was giving it one last push to squeeze our future king out, those cunning email marketers were engaged in one eye-watering push of their own. Within hours of the happy announcement, my wife had received a flood of emails from companies congratulating Kate and William on their new arrival – including the likes of Marks & Spencer, isme clothing and even Butlins. Oh… and while you’re there, how about buying a commemorative biscuit tin, a brand new outfit or maybe wet the baby’s head in sunny Bognor..!

You might question the relevance or motivation behind these (you’d never catch us trying to shoe-horn a recent news event into an article) but there’s no doubt that email marketing can be very effective.

So here are our TOP FIVE tips for effective email marketing….

1.   Quality NOT Quantity
Continually bombarding customers (or potential customers) with loads of emails is guaranteed to have them looking for the “unsubscribe” link or adding you to their junk folder.

Webnetism’s online marketing tools make it easy to build great looking emails – but don’t abuse it!

2.   Don’t always sell
If every email you send out is just one big advert then only your hardcore customers will bother with them in the long term.

Include other content such as news, articles and competitions. Give them a reason to open your emails and keep reading them.

3.   Check what you send out!
It’s scary how many times you see an email from a well-known brand that’s riddled with typos or broken links.

Before you send anything out – make sure it’s been proof-read and you’ve tested every single link and graphic!

4.   Knowledge is power
Use Google Analytics and other tools to check who’s reading your emails, what links they are clicking on, how many emails are bouncing and how many are just being deleted straight away.

This information is critical to an effective email marketing strategy. Stop wasting your time on the people that aren’t interested and show a little extra love to those that are!

5.   Test what works (and more importantly – what doesn’t!)
Use MV (multi-variant) or A/B testing to fine tune your emails. Send out different versions to different people and see what works best.

Sometimes just a subtle change to a “call to action” link or button can make a world of difference!

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