Hazlewoods website has a subtle facelift

Hazlewoods accountants based in Cheltenham and Gloucester have used our web design team for several years now and we have just completed a few changes to make their site look fresh and modern.

The new Hazlewoods home page is based on real analysis of user interaction with the website and the results of Search Engine Optimisation work.

The new layout was designed after looking at Google analytics and webmaster tools to ensure changes reflected what visitors to the website were looking for. After considering the key elements of design, functionality and usability, we presented the look to the marketing team. It came as a bit of a surprise - simplified, cleaner and more elegant with a more intuitive navigation and layout.

The home page is integrated with our CMS system and was designed to be both elegant cost and effective.

Hazlewoods web site design 

 Find out more about the Hazlewoods project.

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