Santa’s Simon’s little helpers have been really busy this year supporting your servers and designing and developing your websites in their Cheltenham grotto.

But as a special festive treat to all you lucky boys and girls on the “nice” list (you “naughty” people can just listen to Andy Murray’s Sports “Personality” of the Year acceptance speech - harsh but fair) we still found some time to quickly knock up lovingly build The Webnetism Christmas Advent Game 

While thousands queue up overnight for the launch of the latest “Call of Duty” game, last night hardcore gaming geeks were queuing outside the Webnetism Cheltenham data-centre for a glimpse of our festive offering (oh, and probably because we have real life ladies working here too). 

The aim of the game is simple – just open the Advent Calendar doors two at a time and find the matching team members. No fear of taking a head shot and being trash-talked from a 10 year old, and not a zombie in site (although some of the team do look like they might need a little extra sleep). 

Wishing you all a very merry Christmas and a fantastic 2014! 

Advent Game

The Webnetism Christmas Advent Game  



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