Everyone knows that the guys at Webnetism are the very definition of masculinity (although they are still in touch with their feminine sides and love all things pink and ponies too) and there's no better way to prove it than taking the Movember challenge!

Last year (2013), as well as sporting some particularly funky looking "facial-furniture", the team raised over £1000 for men's health charities. An amazing effort.

However, it's not just about donations. Blokes are rubbish at talking about men's health issues but Movember gives them the perfect platform to do so. There's a real sense of comradery amongst "Mo Bro's" and a chance to discuss things they'd normally be too embarrassed to chat about with other guys.

  • The average life exptectancy of men in the UK is nearly 4 years less than women
  • Men have a 14% higher chance of developing cancer and 37% higher risk of dying from it
  • More than two thirds of men (67%) are overweight or obese (time to hide those office biscuits!)

The rules are simple - start November 1st clean-shaven and then aim for the most magnificient "man-merkin" you can muster! No beards. No goatees!

So, to all our fantastic clients, if we see you in the next few weeks looking a tad strange (no comments please...) then please bear with us. Better still, how about joining the cause as a fellow Mo Bro or even a Mo Sista!


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