How to choose a website hosting service in the UK

There are a number of factors to bear in mind when choosing a website hosting service and Simon, our Lead Network Engineer, answers some frequently asked questions on this below:

1. What would you recommend for a medium/large sized enterprise looking for hosting?

For this sort of scale it would be worth considering redundant dedicated cluster (cloud). This gives you the flexibility to be able to scale up in the future and also have redundancy to keep critical business functions running smoothly. This is a dedicated solution so the critical function would therefore be independent of others and able to run at full speed continuously if needed.

2.  A common question asked by many small to medium businesses is "We are suffering from noisy servers and taking up needed business space. What can be done?”

For this problem one solution we can offer is colocation service. This is where the customer rents a reliable, secure location to keep their server. For this we provide a managed services such as security updates as needed, allowing those companies to concentrate on their core business and not worry about their IT.

3.  Why should you choose Webnetism for your Cloud Internet presence?

We offer tailor made solutions to suit your business requirements: whether you want dedicated self-managed devices, fully managed shared hosting or anything in-between. We are a family business and pride ourselves on helping our customers achieve their business goals. We are local, based in the UK and have over 32 years of experience within the digital field.

4. Are you a reliable hosting provider?

Our services are as close as we can get to 100% uptime and we guarantee 99.99%. We have multiple redundancy systems and we are UK based which means we have a reliable power supply. We also have standby power systems in case of an emergency. 

5. How do I spot hosting companies to avoid?

  • Any company who states that their services are 100% reliable! There is always an element of risk no matter how small and so no-one is 100% reliable.
  • Any company that won't tell you where your data is located.
  • Prices that appear to be too good to be true. 

6. Can my account be upgraded?     

Yes you can upgrade if you take out a new contract. We can offer support to migrate your site and will schedule in a suitable time to minimise downtime.

7. Do we have daily automatic backups?

 We offer a daily backup service, with a weekly grand father backup.

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