Benefits of Smart Shopping Ads

What are the advantages of smart shopping?

After setting up Smart Shopping campaigns, the adverts require less maintenance. One of the features includes a new bidding strategy where advertisers can maximise conversion value and there is also an expanded reach across all Google networks. With the expanded reach, Google will choose the time and place to display the adverts and this is done through a fully-automated process, with the interest of converting into sales.

Bid strategy

The new bidding strategy aims to generate as much revenue as possible out of a given budget.

Disadvantages with smart shopping campaigns

=         There are no negative keywords and this gives less control over where the adverts will be displayed.
=         Targeting different locations is not available. You can choose the country but there is no option to exclude cities or do specific targeting.
=         Scheduling your ads for specific days and times is not available so this means the adverts will run nonstop.
=         There is no bid adjustments or device targeting available.

We recommend to not put all your products in to smart shopping campaigns straight away, but instead this is a good opportunity to test them. Make sure to exclude the products from your regular shopping campaign if you are using a smart campaign.

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