What is an SEO Optimised Website and why is it important?

An SEO Optimised website makes it easier for search engines to crawl a site.The crawling process looks at different factors such as structure, content and website load time, just to mention a few.

Important aspects of an SEO Optimised website;

Unique page titles and meta descriptions for all pages (including home page)

The page titles are between 6 to 65 characters and descriptions are around 150 characters.

Correct use of URLs

This means that all characters are lower case and separated by dashes.

Fast loading website  

Websites that load faster are more prone to rank higher on Google searches and therefore have the advantage of generating more user interactions such as newsletter signups for submission etc.

Unique content is vital

Having unique and useful content on all pages is an advantage. A website can’t be SEO optimised if the content is duplicated or has been used from other sites.

Optimised images

Having images on your website will help break up the text and make it more interesting. This will also enhance the user experience, which is a ranking factor for Google searches.

Page structure

A well formatted text is very important for the SEO layout. An example is to make sure you have the correct use of H1, H2 and H3 etc. Very often when we look at our clients page structures, we come across multiple H1 Tags, this does not represent an SEO optimised page structure.

These are only a few factors and there are plenty more. Please get in touch to discuss them and see if you are up to date with your website.

Why you need an SEO Optimised website

The benefits of an SEO Optimised website are wide and varied, some are listed below:

An increase in organic traffic

An SEO  Optimised website will drive more traffic from Google search and is therefore more likely to appear on search engine results pages (SERPS). The majority of users tend to select the first five results and especially if they are in a highlighted box, also known as featured snippets.
The website will be more user friendly

The aim of SEO Is also to make the website user friendly. Using the right principles of SEO will improve the user experience and make it easier to navigate around the website.

Increased brand awareness

Research shows that brands appearing on the top pages of Google, Yahoo and Bing are more likely to be trusted. In the long term this increases brand awareness.

Long term savings
A  well-functioning SEO Website will drive organic traffic to the website without having to spend money on PPC or other online advertising.

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