The guys at Webnetism’s Cheltenham website development team are renowned for their good deeds and charity work (although they really don’t like to talk about it…). No strangers to charity bike rides, building local charity websites and helping rid the world of broken biscuits, the team are about to face their toughest challenge yet – Movember!

Like millions of men all over the world, the Webnetism Movember team will be trying to squeeze out an impressive looking “lady tickler” in the month of November to raise money and promote awareness of men’s health issues.

In recognition of this valiant act (and continuing our long line of articles tenuously linking current affairs to all things web design and development) we give you....

The TOP 5 reasons growing a mustache is just like creating a website

  1. Working to a deadline

    Movember is for 30 days only. You start the month clean shaven and hopefully by the end of November you’ve got something on your top lip you can be proud of.
    If you’re facially folliclely challenged, that’s not a lot of time. However, 30 days is more than enough time for our developers to build you a fully content managed eCommerce website based on our CMS 42 platform.

    With a full project plan and key date milestones you’ll know exactly when your website will be ready.
  2. Getting the specification right

    The rules of Movember are simple – no beards, no goatees.

    When building a website it’s also vitally important to specify exactly what you want before the work starts. This is why our team of consultants, designers and developers spend time talking to you to ensure you get the website that both looks great and meets the needs of your growing business perfectly.
  3. Making it look good

    You really don’t want to end up with a bushy old “bristle baton” – all lop-sided and full of bits of food. Growing a mighty fine mo’ takes some serious care and attention.

    Similarly, anybody can create a website using one of those dodgy companies we’ve all seen on advertised on TV. However, creating a great looking website will always need a professional web designer.

    Just like moustaches, a website also needs constant attention. You can’t just expect to put it on the internet and leave it. For Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) you must regularly update the content. Your website should also be reviewed annually because design fashions can change quickly leaving your site looking very dated.
  4. Responsive design

    Whether you want to look like Magnum PI or Hercule Poirot, you need to choose a style that adapts to all environments. Equally at home in the office, enjoying a little down time in your man crib (garden shed), or maybe impressing any female “facial-furniture” fanatics at the local discotheque…

    In the same way, Webnetism are masters at Responsive Web Design – ensuring your website looks good on any device (i.e. PC’s, mobile phones, tablets).
  5. Testing

    This is the serious bit and we won’t make light of it. Yes, testing your website is incredibly important – a site with typos or bugs will have your potential customers quickly clicking away.
    But, a real matter of life and death is testing yourself.

    Let’s face it, blokes are rubbish at talking about this kind of thing and one of the key aims of Movember is promote awareness.

    More than 100 men a day are diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and there are over 2000 new cases of Testicular Cancer every year in the UK.

    Thankfully, both these have a very high rate of being cured if caught early enough.

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