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Ultra Electronics

Webnetism teamed up with HAT Associates in Cheltenham to build the new Ultra Electronics website. HAT provided the very best project management and beautiful designs. The detailed and beautifully layered Photoshop files provided by HAT allowed us to jump right into responsive HTML development.

Apart from a great front end design, the website is driven by our CMS:42 content management system which has a multitude of easy to use modules. In the case of Ultra Electronics there is a business and products database allowing us to use a very dynamic business finder. There is also a refined events module which uses the Google maps APi to display Ultra's events around the world.

The business structure page uses our staff database to show profiles of key members of the Ultra management team while the business database allows for descriptions and rolling images to be shown in pop ups for each of the businesses.

With the addition of a YouTube Channel and a CMS that creates “widgets”, the website shows a range of videos in multiple locations. The brochures on the website have also had some special treatment; created in HTML 5 and with a Flash option the brochures display and animate flawlessly even if you are on a mobile device.

The website is hosted in our datacentre on dedicated hardware and managed by HAT and our in-house team.

The live website is the completed phase I of the build. There are a further two development phases planned which will bring a lot more depth and functionality to the website.

View Website

Ultra Electronics responsive multi-site CMS
Ultra responsive website on mobile
Army being arlifted
manned battlespace
Warship at sea


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