The latest incarnation of the Luvponies ecommerce website has some great new features providing a better user journey through the website and the checkout process.

The website design remains sympathetic to the brand and target audience while bringing it to life with a fresh breezy feel.

The Sage Pay card payment system has improved the customer experience and along with a fresh new design is more engaging than ever.

The back office system driven by our CMS & ecommerce platform has some new features too. These enable the team at Luvpoinies to provide a much better service to their clients.


  • Features include:
  • A sophisticated promotions system
  • Ability to produce gift vouchers
  • Ability to take telephone orders directly to the back office
  • New & improved order fulfilment systems
  • New & improved customer reviews system with automated emails
  • New image control facility making it faster and simpler to add unlimited product images
  • New home page scrolling banner system with enhanced control of speed and content
  • New blog module allowing an interactive community blog
  • New pages module with more WISIWYG controls
Luvponies responsive website on MacBook
Luvponies mobile view
Luvponies Pony Curls Product
Luvponies Horses in Snow
Luvponies Christmas Gifts

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